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Oh Kami Karate Club was established over 20 years ago and trains in varies locations around Glasgow promoting Shotokan karate which can be practised by anyone regardless of age, gender or physical strength. The Club welcomes all new members.

Shotokai Karate

Shotokai is not an official style of karate. Shotokai is the name of the association launched by Gichin Funakoshi originally in 1930. The original name was Dai Nihon Karate-do Kenkyukai. The association is known in Japan as Dai Nihon Karate-do Shotokai since 1936.[2] Shotokan is the name of its Honbu Dojo (main practicing hall). Gichin Funakoshi’s karate style is also known as Shotokan ryu

How to start

All ages above 5 are welcome; come along and try; train to a level you are comfortable with. Children from primary one, aged 5 yrs, can join the class at John Paul Academy, Tuesday 5 – 7pm and Thursday 6 – 7pm, Kelvinside Wednesday 4:30pm, Western Saturdays 10:45am.

Get fit and confident

The benefits of martial arts are practically limitless. Similar to other weight lifting routines, martial arts increases strength and contributes to the development of lean mass. … Unlike lifting for strictly bodybuilding purposes, martial arts training has a significant focus on conditioning, endurance and agility.

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All instruction is from a fully accredited and qualified coach
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Gerry McDougall 5th Dan JKA

B Instructor, B Judge, C Examiner. Private lessons can be arranged outside of class times. 07966355306 ohkamikarateclub@gmail.com

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