23rd February 2019


Frequently asked Questions

What age can I start Karate?
All ages above 5 are welcome; come along and try; train to a level you are comfortable with. Children from primary one, aged 5 yrs, can join the class at John Paul Academy, Tuesday and Thursday 6 – 7pm, Kelvinside Wednesday 4:30pm, Western Saturdays 10:45am.

When am I too old to start training in Karate?
You’re never too old to join in the mainstream classes at the Oh Kami Karate Club. John Paul Academy, Thursday 7 – 9pm, Western, Saturdays 11:45.

Are the classes mixed between Adult and Children or are they separate classes?
The classes are predominately separate for adult and for children. Students are also split – this accommodates people so that they can learn at their own speed.

What do I need for starting Karate?
On first attending the class you should wear tracksuit trouser or shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt or top. All karate-ka (a karate student) normally train in bare feet, but if you are uncomfortable and have sore feet then training shoes are okay to start with. Wait until you are happy that Karate is for you before you spending any cash on a new Suit. The suits can be purchased from the club at very reasonable prices.

What is a Karate Licence?
A licence is insurance cover for you to take part in activities within your karate association. The licence book is also a grading record for you to maintain throughout your lifetime karate career.

How much will a karate licence cost me?
A Licence for the first year will cost £25.00 and £20 for each subsequent year. (as at 2017)

I am getting bullied at school will karate teach me to deal with the bully? 
No, karate is not taught to any student at the Oh Kami Karate Club for the benefit of injuring or seeking revenge on any individual. Karate will, however, teach you self discipline, self control, will improve your confidence and respect for other people along with a better awareness of the activities that surround you.

Do I have to fight in competitions if I train with you?
No, but you can if you want to.

How long will it take me to obtain my first grading? 
Normally about 2 to 3 months training is needed, based on training twice a week.

When will I get my Black Belt?
After about 4 years training you should have reached a level of basic skills that may allow you to attempt the level of 1st Dan, but this varies from student to student.

What does karate mean?
Kara (empty) and Te (hand), an unarmed person who uses their hands and feet for blocking and striking. It’s a system that originated in China and then was developed in Okinawa and Japan.

What is so good about the JKA style of Shotokan Karate? 
The Japan Karate Association (J.K.A.) is the leader in the traditional world of Shotokan Karate; the style is the first style permitted to be introduced into the Japanese Education System. The rank of JKA shodan (first level black belt) is a globally recognised diploma which allows students to attend JKA courses all over the world.

Does the club have any community links?
Yes; Oh Kami Karate Club is the first karate club in Glasgow to receive the city’s “stamp of approval” with an award under the Clubmark accreditation scheme and the Oh Kami Karate Club is also a registered member of the Sports Council for Glasgow.

Further information
Further information can be obtained from the instructors at the club or emailing us at Oh Kami Karate Club.ohkamikarateclub@gmail.com

Gerry McDougall 5th Dan JKA, telephone: 07966 355306