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Frequently asked Questions

What age can I start Karate?
Aged 6 years upwards can join the class. All are welcome; come along and try; train to a level you are comfortable with.

Are the classes mixed between Adult and Children or are they separate classes?
The classes are predominately separate for adult and for children, however, we are happy for parents to train alongside their children.

I am touching 40, am I too old to learn Karate?
No, there is no upper age limit, people learn at their own speed.

What do I need for starting Karate?
Initially, loose clothing, e.g. tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt or top will suffice, until you’re happy to purchase a karate suit, Gi.

Will I need a Karate Licence?
Yes, a licence is insurance cover for you to take part in activities within your karate association. This will be discussed with you at the club.

How much will a karate licence cost me?
An annual Licence cost £28.00 in the first year and £20 annually therafter. (as at 2023)

How long does it take to get to Black Belt level?
5 years subject to training and practice.

Further information can be obtained by emailing us

Gerry McDougall 5th Dan JKA, telephone: 07966 355306