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Number 6:
Answer: a)

Based on the fact that during a kumite match the 4 corner judges are supposed to assist the referee (head judge). It only needs one of the team to have seen the score when the line of vision was blocked for the others.

Had the scenario been that two of the corner judges had signalled a score and they had been opposing, the referee would have requested further information from the corner judges as to how they made the call and then would have made a decision based on their information e.g. someone was quicker, technique soft, short distance etc .

Number 5:

Decision by Referee
1. White is winner
White is winner
White is winner
White is winner or draw
Red is winner
Red is winner
Red is winner
Red is winner or draw
White/Red is winner or draw
White is winner or draw
15. Red is winner or draw

number 4

In order Front Stance, Back Stance, 
and Horse Stance 
c) Zenkutsu-Dachi, Kokutsu-Dachi, 

Which of these is a disqualification?
b) Hansuko

The arbitrator would participate in judges’ discussion when
b) disqualification (Hansoku) is being considered

In team events, a competitor who has lost twice by disqualification (Hansoku)
a) is not allowed to participate in further kumite events, however kata events are allowed

Number 3

Heian Shodan is different from Kihon kata as it has what?
c) extra move, head blocks, and shutos

Three times in Heian Sandan, movement 12/13, 14/15, and 16/17 the following is performed?
c) foot, arm, hand

The three Yama Zuki of Bassai Dai are movements?
b) 33, 35,37

The extra move of Heian Shodan is?
b) Kentsui Tate Mawashi Uchi

Heian Sandan movement 12/13, 14/15, and 16/17 is?
c) Fumikomi, Furi Enpi. Uraken

What other advance kata is Furi Enpi performed?
c) Gankaku 22,23

What is the statement that red didn’t reach target, no score given?
a) Aka Maai Torimasen

Number 2

Heian Yondan has how many movements?
a) 27

The two kiai of Tekki Shodan are movements?
b) 15 and 29

The first shuto uke (knife hand block) of Bassai Dai is movement?
b) 14
Migi shuto chudan uke Hidari kokutsu dachi
(the meaning is – Right knife block while left side back stance)

What is the statement that red’s stomach punch awards half a point?
b) Aka chudan zuki wazari

In the Black Belt kata segment for 1st Dan, the student can perform a kata from ?
c) BassaI Dai, Kanku Dai, Jion, Enpi

Number 1.

Heian Shodan has how many movements?
b) 21

What is the name of move 3 and 6 of Heian Godan?
c) water flowing posture – mizu-nagare-no-kamae

Heian Godan has how many movements?
b) 23

Aka and Shiro,
a) Red and White

Jiyu Ippon Kumite,
b) Fighting one attack






One Ichi
Two Ni
Three San
Four Shi / Yon
Five Go
Six Roku
Seven Shichi / Nana
Eight Hachi
Nine Ku
Ten Ju
Twenty Ni-Ju


Mae Front
Ushiro Back
Migi Right
Hidari Left


Rei Bow
Ritsu rei Bow while standing
Za rei Bow while kneeling
Onegai-shimasu Please /
Arigatou-gozaimasu Thank you (for future action)
Arigatou-gozaimashita Thank you (for past action)
Kata Model form of techniques
Hajime Start
Yame Stop
Kamae On guard position


Waza Technique
Footwork Ashi sabaki
Okuri ashi Shuffle step
Ayumi ashi Normal walk
Kihon Basic
Distance Maai
Close distance Too ma
Long distance Shika ma
One step distance Issoku itto no ma
Taiatare Body check after technique
Shikake waza Offensive techniques
Ni/San dan waza Combination 2/3 techniques


Zanshin Follow through spirit
Kiai Yell from lower abdomen



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