16th June 2015

Oh Kami Travels

Oh Kami travels – last night at the concert Plaza Mayor in Salamanca, Spain. This city has a great lively atmosphere. One of the most important university cities in Spain (4th oldest western Uni) -with Mary and Adam #ohkamikarate #glasgowkarate

Oh Kami travels – today in Esposende Portugal with Mary and Adam #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – yesterday to Lisbon with Elisa and Dinis #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – today with Parminder to Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, the highest mountain in Africa. #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – to University of Limerick for the JKA world Gasshuku #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – zipline in the canyon of the Cetina River in Omiš, Croatia, with Karol #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – to Machu Picchu, high in the Andes Mountains, Peru, with Ross and Alana, #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, The Trossachs – but look very close – can you see who/what are also there ? #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – to Cusco, the Inca capital, Peru, with Alana and Ross #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – with Peadar to Glenveagh national park, Co Donegal, Ireland #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – with Kacper to Cracov, Poland – photos show panoramic view and main square of the city #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels _to Crete with Robyn, thanks to Gil and Rudi #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – with Cindy and Peadar to Malin Head, Co Donegal, Ireland, the most northerly point of Ireland #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – Oh Kami bike went to Cadwell Park racing circuit, thanks to Simon, Michael and Alan #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami with James at the Church of Our Lady before Týn, a dominant feature of the Old Town of Prague, Czech Republic #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – Ulysses, hero of Homer’s epic poem the Odyssey, king of Ithaca, facing the Mediterranean sea, Menton, south France, #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France. #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – Espace Masséna, Nice, France. #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – Menton, south of France, not a cloud in the sky and hitting 32 C. This is the life! #ohkamikarate

Oh kami travels – today in Alicante with Parminder – #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – yesterday with the poppies in Flanders Fields, Belgium, on Memorial Day weekend. (Ref: The poem by doctor John McCrae 1915) #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – last week Stephen was at the University of Hasselt in Belgium. Part of it used to be a prison – #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – at Malardalens University in Vasteras, Sweden with Stephen – #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – this week with Alana and Ross to Sunset Key, Largo, Florida #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – an early morning photo in Funchal, Madeira – watched by Luis- #ohkamikarate>

Oh Kami travels to the Madeira Film Festival in Funchal – #ohkamikarate

 Oh Kami travels today – “Don’t know if there’s a more Irish picture than a flame-haired girl on the Connemara coast”, western County Galway, Ireland – many thanks to Orla and Stephen #ohkamikarate #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – yesterday to the Grand Canyon, Arizona, with Derek (Anmol’s dad) #ohkamikarate #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels to Bletchley Park today, home of the codebreakers – where Alan Turing followed works of Rejewski, Zygalski and Różycki to crack the German Enigma code in World War II – with Bruce and Tony. #ohkamikarate #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels to Sri Lanka – at the elephant orphanage with Vas, Sonny and Harry #ohkamikarate #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami travels – during this week in Sharjah UAE, with Andrew W Jan 2017 #ohkamikarate #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami travels – this week to the top of Vail Mountain, Colorado, with Alana and Ross Jan 2017 #ohkamikarate #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami travels to Chile 2nd Jan 2017- Valparaiso an 1 hour drive south of Santiago – thanks to David M #ohkamikarate #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami travels on a cultural visit to Edinburgh #ohkamikarate #ohkamikarate




Oh Kami at this morning’s The Santa Dash 2016 in Glasgow – with Marius, Simon and Michael #ohkamikarate #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami travels yesterday with Tony M, who writes – The well travelled wolf has popped up in Dubai, on floors 148, 125, 124 of Burj Khalifa … and outside in the desert heat. #ohkamikarate



Oh Kami travels – to Kärnan a medieval tower in Helsingborg, Scania, southern Sweden, thanks to Elin Lunner, reporter at the Helsingborg Daily Newspaper #ohkamikarate #ohkamikarate
Oh_Kami_Helsingborg, Sweden_oct16p2
Oh Kami travels – to Rosslyn Chapel, “The Da Vinci Code” refers #ohkamikarate #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami travels with Rudi, Gill and Robyn – to the Scottish Symphony Orchestra proms in the park #ohkamikarate #ohkamikarate
SSO_proms_in_ the_park_Sept16_p1aSSO_proms_in_ the_park_Sept16_p2a


Oh Kami travels to the city of Mons, Belgium, with Mary and Adam, The first 2 photos are of “The Passenger,” by Belgian artist Arne Quinze, (a latticework of wooden beams) and the third is in the Grand-Place #ohkamikarate #ohkamikarate



Oh Kami travels with James – at the Thai-Cambodian border #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami travels – Isle of Lewis Callanish stones, with Michael, Simon and Marius #ohkamikarate
OhKami – in Tanzania, continued #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami travels – Culture Vulture, at the “Bard at the Botanics” (Glasgow) #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels to The Great Polish Map of Scotland (Mapa Scotland (from Polish mapa Szkocji) – with Michael, Simon and Marius -in the grounds of the Barony Castle Hotel, Eddleston near Peebles. Polish war veteran Jan Tomasik, built 1974 -79. #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami travels, continues on the Tanzania safari with Alana and Ross #ohkamikarate


Oh Kami travels with Robyn, flying the flag in London – Robyn takes up arms before entering “The Tower” – then Protecting the Tower – next..taking-in The Shard #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami travels back to nature, on Tanzania safari with Alana and Ross – what a great experience #ohkamikarate

With Sally Magnusson yesterday #ohkamikarate
                              Catching up with Sanjeev Kohl (“Still Game”) #ohkamikarate
                              Oh Kami travels – India thanks to Sonita, Esther and Naomi #ohkamikarate

                              OhKami camping today with Marius, Simon and Michael #ohkamikarate






Oh Kami travels – The Wild West – yesterday, thanks to Alana & Ross #ohkamikarate






Yesterday with a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon – with Alana and RossOH_Kami_Helicopter_Grand_Canyon_April16p4


















Sequoia national park yesterday, includes photo that shows the largest tree on the planet – thanks to Alana and RossSequoia_national_parkp5





















Oh Kami travels 2016 – Hadrian’s Wall (or Vallum Hadriani in Latin), Roman defensive fortification 122 AD from the River Tyne near the North Sea to the Solway Firth on the Irish Sea.- thanks to Marius, Simon, Michael and Alan











Oh Kami travels 2016 – Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco Bay, thanks to Alana and Ross. #ohkamikarate

















Oh Kami travels, Camp Nou, Barcelona – thanks to Marie and Keira #ohkamikarate







Oh Kami travels thanks to Quintin – Vereeniging, South Africa, A much welcomed thunder storm after a period of severe drought apparently the thermometer was hitting 40 C today (not something we experience in Scotland !) #ohkamikarate










A photo from Oh Kami travels to Whistler,BC,Canada-check out the icicles-thanks to Alana #ohkamikarate












Oh Kami travels – to the Bahamas with Andrew yesterday #ohkamikarate








Oh Kami travels – with Wojtek (The Soldier Bear) – the unveiling ceremony took place today 7th November 2015 in the Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh — photo thanks to Marius (Wojtek, “The joyful warrior” spent most of his life in Scotland) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wojtek_(bear)http://www.wojtekmemorialtrust.com #ohkamikarate









All the way to Magaluf – thanks to Sonita #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami_Magaluf_Oct15













Oh Kami travels in Belgium- Grand Place, Brussels #ohkamikarate
Ohkami-travels-elgium- Grand Place-Brussels











Oh Kami travels in Belgium- the museum of art & history Hallepoort, Brussels #ohkamikarate






















Oh Kami travels – Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, thanks to Peter and Chris #ohkamikarate
















Oh Kami travels – Oropesa del Mar,Castellon East Spain, thanks to Mary and Adam #ohkamikarate

























The Wolf meets his match – Celine and Lukas being very brave when faced with a woolly mammoth #ohkamikarate

Wolf meets his match Aug15















Oh Kami travels – another pic from Celine and Lukas – this time In Rostock Zoo – Germany’s largest zoo in the Baltic coast #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami Rostock zoo Aug15




















Oh Kami travels East with Meghan – many thanks for the photos in Singapore and at Kuala lumpur Airport, Malaysia #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami Kuala lumpur Aug15

Oh Kami Singapore Aug15

Oh Kami travels is now being mapped – Still a few more places to add to the log, so please keep seeing the photos. #ohkamikarate
km / miles to date= 70498 km / 43807 miles can we make it 100,000km by the end of the holidays ? #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels globe 3rdJuly15 link




https://secure.travellerspoint.com/member_map.cfm?user=Oh Kami&tripid=761821 #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami travels – with Celine and Lukas in Lübeck, Germany – danke schön for these brilliant pics ! – Holstentor, Marienkirche and Stpetrikirche #ohkamikarate
holstentor. lubeckJPG

Marienkirche lubeck

stpetrikirche  lubeck

OhKami mingling with some of the cast from “East is East” showing at Glasgow Royal – Great show !. (To avoid confusion the guy in the centre is not in the show) #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami East is East Aug15p2

Oh Kami travels – This weekend in Berlin Aug 15, thanks to Bruce #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami Berlin Aug15a














Oh Kami travels July15 stats









Oh Kami travels – Aviemore with Marius,Simon and Michael #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami Aviemore July15

Durness beach July15









Oh Kami travels – Düsseldorf with Kerstin #ohkamikarate
Duesseldorf June15 Kerstin












Greetings from the Isle of Kos from Gary and Caleb #ohkamikarate
Isle of Kos Gary Caleb July15 a











Breakfast oh kami style – from Rachael #ohkamikarate
Breakfast oh kami style July15










Oh Kami travels – Dinard, Brittany, France, the bay, looking across to St Malo, Alfred Hitchcock and “The Birds #ohkamikarate
Dinard Hitchcock

Dinard poster

Dinard Brittany pic2

Dinard looking to st Malo




















Oh Kami travels – Oh Kami dreams of his retirement at Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, (French Riviera) …. dream on Oh Kami ! #ohkamikarate
Ephrussi de Rothschild collage pic











No class today so Oh Kami settles down to a nice cuppa in the garden #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami mug in garden Jun15a













Oh Kami travels around the world #ohkamikarate
Smoo Cave Durness,The Most North Westerly Village of Scotland -Thanks to Marius June15 #ohkamikarate
Smoo Cave Durness June15





OhKami at Knockhill Racing Circuit,thanks to Marius #ohkamikarate
DSC_0149Ohkami KnockhillJune15


Oh Kami travels – Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Thursday afternoon 29th April, thanks to John S #ohkamikarate
Golden Gate San Francisco 29 april15


Oh Kami travels – Reykjavík thanks to Sharon, Cameron and Ross #ohkamikarate
2015-04-08 20.13.04 copy


Oh Kami travels – looking up to the Minster – York #ohkamikarate
2015-04-08 16.42.52


Oh Kami travels – Dubai #ohkamikarate
2015-03-27 08.54.08



2015-03-27 08.54.15






Oh Kami travels – Ho Chi Minh City(HCMC) Vietnam – (formally Saigon) #ohkamikarate






Oh Kami travels – Milan Cathedral thanks to Kiera & Joe #ohkamikarate


Oh Kami travels Nashville. #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami travels – with Rachael at the Goo Goo store and the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, Tennesse #ohkamikarate



OhKami at “Britain’s Got Talent” (Edinburgh Festival Theatre) last night with Alieen and Graeme #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami x factor Jan15
Oh Kami travels – Dubai #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami travels – Andrew leaving Dubai (first priority a glass of champers) -pic of Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) to prove he was in Dubai #ohkamikarate
IMG_0298 Burj Khalifa



OhKami on holiday #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami on Hols 2015


Oh Kami travels – Dublin castle today #ohkamikarate


OhKami Munster tour continues – Bruff, Limerick #ohkamikarate
OhKami Munster tour continues – Bruff, Limerick, Caroline Kennedy dedicated the centre June 13 #ohkamikarate





OhKami Munster tour, Ireland #ohkamikarate
Ohkami’s Munster Tour – Limerick king John’s Castle on the Shannon & The Hunt Museum. #ohkamikarate #ohkamikarate



Oh Kami travels – Xmas at Stony Stratford – thanks to Andrew #ohkamikarate


Merry Xmas #ohkamikarate
Merry xmas 2014 Oh Kami

OhKami meets Chris Hoy #ohkamikarate
OhKami meets Chris Hoy – Lifetime Achievement Award Winner! – Thanks to Aileen #ohkamikarate
2014-12-14 23.11.37

Eddie Izzard with Oh Kami #ohkamikarate
Eddie Izzard with Oh Kami thanks to Aileen & Graeme backstage at BBC sports personality of the year #ohkamikarate
2014-12-14 20.33.17

Gavin Mitchell with Oh Kami – I was reminded of this – “Still Game” at the Hydo – Gavin Mitchell AKA “Bobby” “Boaby the Barman” #ohkamikarate
with Gavin Mitchel








Oh Kami travels – at the Espace Masséna, Nice,France #ohkamikarate
Espace Massena Nice2014
Oh Kami travels- Aarhus, Denmark Nov 2014 #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami travels- Aarhus, Denmark – Christmas tree at the Aarhus Christmas Festival. The Jellyfish at the Aros Art Museum & Rachael at the Rainbow Walkway. #ohkamikarate #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami jellyfish Aros art museum Aarhus Denmark Nov14

Oh Kami christmas festival Aarhus Denmark Nov14

Oh Kami  rainbow walkway Aarhus Denmark Nov14
Oh Kami travels – Chicago continued, With the tiger at the Chicago Field Museum and at Lou Malnati’s Pizza Place restaurant enjoying the famous Chicago deep dish pizza #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami Chicargo Nov14 -Chicago Field Museum Tiger

Oh Kami Chicargo Nov14 -Lou Malnati's Pizza place

Oh Kami travels – Chicago – thanks to Rachael – Spot Oh Kami in the Christmas tree taken at Palmer House Hilton Hotel by the famous peacock doors. Oh Kami with the dragon at the Art Institute of Chicago. More pics to come… #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami Chicargo Nov14 art institute of Chicago

Oh Kami Chicargo Nov14 palmer house hilton hotel Peacock doorsv2

Oh Kami travels – New York yesterday afternoon, many thanks to Vincent.15th November 2014 #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami New York Nov14a

Oh Kami travels – Budapest Oct 14 #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami Budapest Oct14









Oh Kami travels – Venice, July 2014 #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami Venicejuly14

Oh Kami travels -Keira Universal StudiosOct14a.JPG #ohkamikarate









Oh Kami travels – Crocodile Rock, Millport, July 2014 #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami Millport small.









Oh Kami travels around Zurich #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami misses you too Patricia – keep sending the photos !
Oh Kami Zurich pic1

Oh Kami Zurich pic2

Oh Kami Zurich pic3
Oh Kami travels – Keira yesterday at Universal Studios #ohkamikarate
Keira Universal StudiosOct14a


Oh Kami travels – Monte Carlo, July 14 #ohkamikarate


Oh Kami Monte Carlo5small. #ohkamikarate











Oh Kami Monte Carlo6small. #ohkamikarate









Oh Kami Monte Carlo4small. #ohkamikarate









Oh Kami Monte Carlo3small. #ohkamikarate








Oh Kami Monte Carlo2small. #ohkamikarate








Oh Kami Monte Carlo1small #ohkamikarate








Oh Kami travels – Kacper at the Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw #ohkamikarate
Kacper Science Centre Warsaw Sept14
Oh Kami travels – Kacper at the Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw #ohkamikarate

January 2014 -Oh Kami Travels -At Frankfurt Am Main Hbf (Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof (Central Station)) the busiest railway station in Germany. Jan 14 #ohkamikarate


Oh Kami travels – Seattle #ohkamikarate
OhKami SpaceNeedle Seatle Center May14pic1

OhKami SpaceNeedle Seatle Center May14pic2

OhKami SpaceNeedle Seatle Center May14pic3

OhKami SpaceNeedle Seatle Center May14pic4

Oh Kami travels – Budapest October 2014 #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami Budapest Oct14

Oh Kami travels – Nasrid Palaces Alhambra Granada September 14 #ohkamikarate
Nasrid Palaces, Alhambra Granada small
Oh Kami travels – Gibraltar, thanks to Mary, September 2014 #ohkamikarate
Ohkami Gibraltar pc1

Ohkami Gibraltar pc2

Oh Kami travels – Pastor Peregrino Leiria Portugal Aug 14, thanks to Mary #ohkamikarate
Pastor Peregrino Leiria Portugal Aug 14

Oh Kami travels – Gijon – Spain Aug 14, thanks to Mary #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami Gijon Spain 140814

Oh Kami travels – Lagos Fish Market Aug 14 #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami Lagos fish Market Aug14

Oh Kami travels – Rhodes August 14 #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami in Old Rhodes Town aug14
Oh Kami travels – Venice July 14 #ohkamikarate
Oh Kami Venicejuly14

Oh Kami travels – Limburger Schlossl_Limburg an der Lahn ,St_Georges_Catherdral_Limburg an der Lahn,- thanks to Kerstin, June 14 #ohkamikarate
Limburger Schloss_Limburg an der Lahn pic 2









Limburg an der Lahn pic 3










St_Georges_Catherdral_Limburg an der Lahn pic 1







Limburger Schloss_Limburg an der Lahn pic 2

St_Georges_Catherdral_Limburg an der Lahn pic 1

Oh Kami travels – At the Commonwealth Games, Glasgow July 14 #ohkamikarate

Oh Kami with Rachael  pic1

Oh Kami with Rachael  pic2

Oh Kami with Rachael  pic3

Oh Kami at clo
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